after graduation.

your next steps

You've completed our online course and earned your qualifications. Congratulations!

Let us start with some more immediate steps. Remember, you'll have at this stage in your journey completed the work and gained your qualification.

become a registered minister

When you complete your training and you graduate, you are invited to join our FuturFaith Community of Ministers - a group of harmonious individuals who have undergone the FuturFaith programme and share a common bond.

An invitation will be extended to every graduate to join our community upon successful completion of the course.

Once you've become a part of our community, you'll be given the opportunity to become a HSE and/or GRO NI Registered Solemniser.

display your profile on our website

FuturFaith Ministry offers all of our successful graduates a space on our website for their profiles to be illustrated.

A short bio will be requested from each Minister, an up-to-date photo (or photos), and any additional information that you would like to share on your profile. For example, recent reviews, kind words from those you serve, etc.