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After you graduate

Congratulations on graduating! What now?

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You've completed our online course and earned your qualification. Congratulations!

What are the next steps?

There are some immediate areas you need to put some thought into, and some long term plans you'll need to start thinking about.

Let us start with some more immediate questions - and remember, you'll have at this stage in your journey completed the work and gained your qualification.

The answers to all the following questions are very personal and there is no right or wrong answer, just your own particular preference.

Would you like to be a registered member of the FuturFaith Community?

When you complete your training and you graduate, you are invited to join our FuturFaith Community of Ministers/Reverends. A group of harmonious individuals who have undergone the FuturFaith programme and share a common bond.

An invitation will be extended to every graduate/Minister to join our community upon successful completion of the course.

Once you've become a part of our community, you'll be invited to any social events we plan, will receive regular newsletters (if you wish) and important updates straight to your inbox, and you'll have the opportunity to grow and thrive with this close-knit group of fellow Ministers.

Would you like to take part in both online and in-person gatherings with our FuturFaith Community?

We host online gatherings every month (excluding the months of May to September). These connections are a channel for our community to stay united and in touch.

We also meet in person once per year, excluding any social events. While these meetings are entirely optional, we value these interactions immensely and treasure our time together.

Would you like to receive FuturFaith Newsletters by email?

We strive to keep you, our graduates up to date with our ever-evolving organisation by means of newsletters.

If you wish, you can sign up to join our newsletters following graduation, and you can always opt-out or unsubscribe at any time in the future.

Would you like to be a member of our private Facebook group?

We at FuturFaith Ministry extend a warm welcome to our private Facebook group to keep you up to speed with our community and to offer a safe space to add your thoughts, help, aspirations, and comments to our ever-growing and evolving society.

Would you like to be featured on our public social Media Platforms and promotions?

Upon completion of the course and graduation, we will ask if you, as trained Reverends would like to be promoted on our public Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other promotional materials.

Your profile and bio information will never be shared by Futurfaith without your explicit permission.

Please do not feel obligated to give your permission. We at FuturFaith will respect your decision.

Would you like to have a profile on our website?

FuturFaith Ministry offers all of our successful graduates a space on our website for their profiles to be illustrated.

A short bio will be requested from each Minister, an up-to-date photo (or photos), and any additional information that you would like to share on your profile. For example, recent reviews, kind words from those you serve, etc.  

Would you like to take part in promotional videos?

We will promote those FuturFaith Ministers who agree and wish to take part in advertising for educational, informational, and promotional purposes.

We aim to bring FuturFaith Ministry and the services we provide to the public at large by means of promotional videos and by the power of social media.

This will be exciting and engaging work with other members of our community and team.

Are you camera-ready?

If you are camera shy and you feel this is not for you, that is absolutely fine too. There is no onus on you to partake in the promotion of your Ministry.

We at FuturFaith will respect and honour your choice to share your Ministry in your own way and at your own time.

Taking part in promotional work is not mandatory at any time.

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