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What you'll learn about milestone ceremonies in the course

the value behind each milestone

Each client will be celebrating their own unique, special milestone that means a great deal to them.

Whether it's celebrating an anniversary, important life event or more, our course will equip you with the tools to improvise and provide a suitable ceremony, no matter what the occassion is.

Preparing for a milestone ceremony

Preparation is key for any ceremony, milestone ceremonies included.

Since this ceremony marks an important event or milestone, you must ensure all props, drafts and scripts are meticulously planned and executed. This is what our online course will teach you.

Conducting a milestone ceremony

With everything planned and prepared, all that's left is to conduct the ceremony.

In our course, you'll be given the skills to conduct any milestone ceremony to the highest standard. You'll also gain valuable tips on managing emotions and crowds in unforeseen situations.

More information on milestone ceremonies

What is a milestone ceremony?

Whether you want to celebrate a personal milestone with family and friends, or an anniversary with your partner, this milestone can be transformed and commemorated into a beautifully crafted personal ceremony.

What are some milestone examples?

Some notable examples of milestones that you might celebrate are - a big anniversary with your partner, getting a promotion at your job, or buying a new house. Any important life event can be celebrated.

Can I encorporate enhancements?

Since milsetone ceremonies vary greatly from client to client, it can be difficult to create or maintain a pre-made set of enhancements. This is where your intuition and creativity as a Minister will come into play.

Reverends specialising in milestone ceremonies

Lorraine McCarthy


Jul 2020

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Keith McCarthy


Jul 2020

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Rita Crampton


Feb 2022

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