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Celtic Traditions


The following are some Celtic traditions that couples often include to celebrate their Irish legacy.

The Dress

Did you know that traditionally Irish brides wore blue wedding dresses? Blue being the colour of purity in olden day Ireland. White dresses, it is said, only became popular after Queen Victoria wore one for her wedding in 1840.

The Horseshoe

A horseshoe has always been a symbol of luck in Ireland, and we're sure you remember them hanging in sheds and barns all over the country, indeed in some houses too!

Horseshoes can be sewn into the bride’s bouquet or dress. Just one thing to remember; always have it facing upright, or your luck will fall out.

Wedding Bells

These bells are presented to the couple during the ceremony, and their main purpose is to bring good luck.

The other reason for them is that, in times of strife or a lover’s quarrel, they can be rung to break the moment and restore harmony to the relationship. Hopefully your bells will remain silent throughout your lifetime, though!


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

So much in this, and yet such a simple and beautiful way to bestow good luck on a couple.

  • Something old, be it a family heirloom or special item from the past.
  • Something new, to represent this new life your couple have created together.
  • Something borrowed, as a symbol of friendship.
  • Something blue, again the traditional colour of an Irish wedding dress and the colour of purity for the bride to carry.

Each item is usually gifted by a family member or friend.


Penny in your Shoe

The bride’s father or mother, on the morning of the wedding, places a coin in her shoe. This coin symbolises the parent's wish that their daughter will never want for money or for wealth.

The Honeymoon

Originally known as the "Moon of Honey".

Mead, along with a blend of honey and spices has been used in Irish weddings through the ages to toast to the happy couple. At the end of the ceremony, the couple were gifted a full moon’s cycle of the drink, and were to have a sip of it every day.

It was believed that to do so would bring happiness and good fortune to the couple. It was also considered to stimulate fertility and virility!

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