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The Loving Cup


This ancient and beautiful ritual has roots as far back as the 15th century in Celtic, Jewish and French traditions.

The Cup itself can come in many forms. Known as a 'quaich' in Scotland, it is a two-handled cup which can have the couple’s names and wedding date etched onto it. More recently, couples have used an engraved wine glass for their ritual.

You, as the Reverend (or perhaps a member from each of your clients' families) will pour some whiskey/wine into the cup or glass. At the end of the Ceremony, the newly married couple stand before their loved ones, and in turn take three sips from The Loving Cup. Each sip is a toast to their love in the past, their love today, and their lasting love into the future.

There are many beautiful words that can be spoken here, for example:

"Strike hands with me, the glasses brim.

The dew is on the heather.

For love is good and life is long.

And two are best together."

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