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How does the HSE Register of Solemnisers work?

Help Centre

Last updated

May 2022

The HSE Register of Solemnisers contains information and contact details for the people who can solemnise (carry out a legally binding ceremony) in Ireland. It is updated on a regular basis.

Ministers entered onto the register are categorised by 'solemniser type'. Solemniser categories are one of the following - Religious, Civil (HSE/GRO NI Registrars only) or Secular. All FuturFaith Ministers are in the category - Religious.

Each Ministry or organisation has an elected nominator, who sends requests to the HSE to add new Ministers to the register. This process can take some time, and varies depending on the HSE.

Once FuturFaith Ministry puts forward your nomination paper, we cease involvement in the process thereafter. Any delays in nomination or names being added to the Register(s) are out of our control, as this part of the process is handled entirely by the HSE.

The same principle applies to the GRO NI Register of Solemnisers.

The current HSE Register of Solemnisers can be downloaded and viewed by clicking here.

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