Lorraine McCarthy

Minister & Treasurer 🎉

My background

I'm a native of County Louth, living here and working in business for most of my life. What I enjoy in life is, well, everything! I adore travelling, good food and fashion, and I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of communication and connection with others.

Being the eldest of a large family, I was used to taking charge (to my younger siblings' dismay!) and being part of big family celebrations. I've always wanted to transfer that experience into something positive and worthwhile. Along came celebrancy, a new way for me to spread my fun-loving and energetic aura into the lives of others!

Becoming a reverend

Being a Celebrant was truly the most enriching experience of my life (next to being a mammy) - but I always felt I could go further. After studying and becoming ordained in July 2020, I am now a Minister with FuturFaith - the natural step forward in my journey of celebration.

Becoming a Minister has changed my life. It has helped me touch the lives of those around me, bringing joy and peace wherever it's needed. Having suffered with health problems for a time in my life, I came to understand the importance of celebrating life in all its glory. I am utterly fulfilled that I get to now bring celebration to the doorstep of other people's lives, and help them enjoy themselves the way they deserve to.

My hopes & goals

You are never too young or too old to celebrate your life, and I understand that more than ever now. My goals for the future, both near and far, are to help the individuals in my life to celebrate their own lives, to cherish their own memories and opportunities, and to ultimately have a blast while doing it!

I hope to continue on my path of bringing excitement and energy to the world around me, and I'm delighted to have this wonderful opportunity to do so. Life is for living to the full, and if I can help others enjoy it, in any way I can, then that's good enough for me!