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Rita Crampton


Feb 2022

After many careers, I finally came home to ceremony. Creating and delivering the perfect ceremony is the gift I love to give.

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About me

My background

Originally from Dublin, I now live in North Kildare. I am happily married, with three adult children and one delightful granddaughter. My career to date has always included interaction with people on many levels and this has given me years of interesting and lasting connections. Having attended innumerable celebrations over the years, from first helloes to final goodbyes, I have huge respect for ceremony and Ritual. When I attended my first Celebrant-led wedding in 2014, a light came on in my heart and I knew this was for me!

Becoming a Reverend

Becoming a Reverend feels so right. Over my lifetime, I have volunteered with various groups and organisations in serving others. I have a natural curiosity about people and their differences, their strengths and their weaknesses, their origins and their ethos.

I respect differing beliefs and philosophies, especially in our ever-changing, multicultural Ireland. Becoming a Reverend feels like coming home – I have found my ‘raison d’etre’.

My hopes & goals

As a Reverend, I hope to give honest witness to the Celebrations and ceremonies of life. I hope to use my experience to bring understanding and joy to others. My goal is to open my heart to all those I meet and to encourage healthy inclusivity in those around me. Opening your heart to others is the most positive and rewarding gift you can give to yourself. As such, it will be my honour, while respecting your every wish, to devise and deliver your perfect ceremony, on every occasion from first hello to last goodbye.

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