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Our promise

At FuturFaith, we know how important it is to stand together to protect our planet and its environment.

Working alongside One Tree Planted we pledge that for each new student who enrols in our online Ministry course, we'll plant one new tree on the island of Ireland.

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FuturFaith is an exciting and innovative new community of like-minded people with common goals, founded in 2021.

Everyone has a story inside that gives them a unique perspective. We're here to listen to those stories and help you - and others just like you - to do what you love.

Our ethos is to embrace diversity with open hearts and minds, so we're truly committed to finding and providing a safe place for sharing experiences, knowledge and wisdom. Our doors of interactive communication and connectivity are opened wide and we look forward to welcoming more of you to our Community.

FuturFaith Ministry's virtual, comprehensive E-Learning platform can enrich a creative hobby, as well as build a professional career. We're so grateful that you've decided to spend some of your time with us, and we're excited to help guide you towards a successful, enlightened future, rich in Ceremony.

A future-proof ministry

We, as FuturFaith Ministry, are a religious group created with the intention of modernising or “future-proofing” ceremony and Ministry.

We facilitate all of life’s ceremonies, from birth to life's peaceful end, and we make it our mission to utilise up-to-date technologies in order to ensure efficient communication and consistent availability, both for our Ministers and for those we serve.

Our purpose

Our purpose in this ever-evolving world is to bring a new, fresh approach to ceremony and Ministry.

Our goal is to encourage a sense of autonomy or self-sufficiency among our members, while also providing a helping hand wherever they may need it.

We aim to allow our members the space and freedom to be problem solvers and improvisers, but FuturFaith Ministry will provide a platform for them to fall back on, if the need arises.

Whether you're hoping to celebrate the life of another, or a monumental moment within your life, or aspire to become a Minister and help others in their celebrations, FuturFaith is only a simple click away.

Once again, we warmly welcome you to the futur.

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