"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

Thomas Campbell

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Enrolling in our online course means you'll gain deep insights and knowledge on all-things Ministry - from our own industry-leading experts, to media and TV professionals - and beyond.


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Lorraine McCarthy

Minister of FuturFaith

Ordained Jul 2020

I love celebration and I love ceremony. For five years now, I have been privileged to lovingly craft and deliver ceremonies.

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Build high-value skills in Marketing, IT and Legal Paperwork.

FuturFaith - like the name suggests - means looking into the Future, preparing ourselves for new emerging technologies.

That's why our unprecedented online training helps you to understand the do's and don'ts of social media, online advertisement, mastering software and more.


Gain deep insights into the world of Ministry.

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From our Ministers

"FuturFaith's course is truly unprecedented. A wide-ranging, thoroughly in-depth look at Ministry today, and how we can prepare for the future of this industry."

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Keith McCarthy, Minister of FuturFaith

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Whether it's through the HSE and/or GRO NI, once you're added to the Register of Solemnisers, you'll be given the freedom to perform legal ceremonies, all year round.

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A little bit about us

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We're Irish!

The FuturFaith community was born from a small Irish family of three - mam, dad and adult son.

Our goal is to bring that Irish spirit to our Ministry, and to instill a sense of pride and joy into those we serve, whether they're Irish or not.

Featured Reverends

Lorraine McCarthy


Jul 2020

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Keith McCarthy


Jul 2020

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Rita Crampton


Feb 2022

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