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Become a legal wedding officiant.

Become a legally registered wedding officiant, or family or funeral celebrant with our groundbreaking online course & official solemniser programme.

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Becoming an officiant gives you the opportunity to do something you really love.

We teach hard-working, talented people (like you) how to craft and conduct weddings, funerals and more.

We are an inclusive and open-minded spiritual community that welcomes diverse beliefs and perspectives, rather than rigidly adhering to a single faith tradition.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers ceremonies, branding, legalities and much more.

Receive expert guidance from our experienced officiants and tutors, Lorraine and Keith.

Get hands-on experience with practical assignments that simulate the real world.

Learn flexibly by progressing the course entirely at your own pace on any device you own.

Learn in real-time by shadowing an established officiant during ceremonies.

Nothing beats getting in the field and learning practical skills. Enrolling in our online course gives you the opportunity to shadow one of our established officiants during a ceremony.

Shadowing an officiant is a sure-fire way to learn those little details that can't be taught through an online course, and to get up close and personal with the industry that you'll soon be working in.

Join an inclusive and diverse group of officiants and students, all with the same goals and passions in mind.

Experience a firm support network from day one, from our tutors to our students and officiants.

Discuss various topics with your peers in our streamlined forum, where you can ask questions or simply chat.

Feel a warm welcome immediately with our friendly group of officiants, and make friends for life along the way.

Gain skills that last a lifetime. Your journey begins here.

By the time you graduate, you'll be well-versed in all things ceremony related, and you'll be given the opportunity to become legally registered as a wedding officiant.

This means that not only are you celebrant-trained, you'll also be able to go out and conduct your own legal weddings!

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Master all aspects of ceremony from accounting and branding to crafting and conducting.

Gain official certification and graduate as a legally registered wedding officiant.

Learn to plan and craft meaningful and memorable ceremonies that make an impact.

Advance your career and open doors to new opportunities in ministry.

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What will you learn?

The essentials

When you start, you'll learn the essentials: how to set yourself up legally and accept payments as a new officiant.

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