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Master the art of crafting ceremonies.

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From brand design to social media, we'll teach you all the branding & marketing basics.

Talk with clients

Not only will you learn how to get clients, but we'll also show you how to effectively keep them.

Conduct ceremonies

Learn to craft the perfect wedding, baby naming ceremony or funeral, plus much more.

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This series of videos introduces you to FuturFaith's new comprehensive online Ministry course.

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Business set-up

Master your Ministry's foundation: goal setting, business registration, trademarks, basic accounting.

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Payments & billing

Understand pricing, packages, sharing payment details & handling cancellations for your ceremonies.

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Branding & media

Master branding essentials: logos, websites, etc., and stand out as a Minister with effective visuals and communication.

Coming soon

Marketing & advertising

From wedding fairs to Google Ads, unlock strategies for effective online advertising and engagement.

Coming soon

Client contact & communication

Master client communication in this module: Emails, replies, drafting, meetings, follow-ups, and booking alternatives.

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Safety & insurance

Learn essential insurance coverage for ministers. Ensure venue safety, especially fire exits. Safeguard children during ceremonies.

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Discover essential ceremony equipment insights, like how to choose quality equipment for your ceremonies.

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Preparation & organisation

Equip yourself with prep essentials, like managing transport efficiently, and making smart accommodation choices.

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Legalities & legal paperwork

Learn the legal procedures and documentation required for Irish marriages, ensuring a smooth and lawful process.

Coming soon

Administration & IT

Master the art of creating ceremony drafts, set up a digital calendar for tracking bookings, and much more.

Coming soon

Table preparation

A well-prepared table can serve as a beautiful centerpiece for any ceremony. In this module, we cover some key table prep points.

Coming soon

Naming ceremonies

Gain valuable insights into the history, purpose, and practical preparation for naming ceremonies.

Coming soon

Coming of age ceremonies

Learn about Coming of Age ceremonies in different cultures and apply some creative enhancements for such celebrations.

Coming soon


Learn to officiate unforgettable weddings with this comprehensive module, covering everything from vows to troubleshooting.

Coming soon


In this module, we'll be guiding you through every aspect of funeral ceremonies with compassion and expertise.

Coming soon

Following up with clients

Effective client follow-up, review requests, and response strategies for memorable ceremonies.

Coming soon

Self-care & health

Discover effective self-care practices for Ministers to manage stress, enhance well-being, and excel in conducting ceremonies.

Coming soon

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