Futur+ is your all-in-one ministry subscription.

Available only for 'Path to Ministry' graduates.

Always wanted to conduct legal weddings?

Become a legally registered officiant with Futur+

Upon successful graduation of our online Path to Ministry course, you may be put forward for nomination.


Complete and graduate the Path to Ministry course


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Get registered to legally conduct weddings

If being able to conduct legal weddings sounds like one of your goals, then a Futur+ membership is perfect for you.

Along with having the opportunity to become a registered solemniser in Ireland or Northern Ireland, our Futur+ subscribers are given plenty of opportunities for personal and career growth, and much more.

Read on to find out more about the industry's most inclusive community.

Get your name and image out into the world

Receive a free FuturFaith profile and tell your story

Along with solemniser status, you'll be offered a free FuturFaith profile, where you can share your story and receive bookings.


Receive your profile link


Edit and add media as you wish


Publish and share with the world

Being a registered solemniser is a great leap in the right direction for those who wish to find a fulfililng career in the wedding world.

Alas, getting your name out there in the initial moments can be daunting indeed. That's where your Futur+ subscription comes in.

We'll create a profile page for you, and you can fill it with whatever photos, videos or information you wish. You'll also be given the option to add a booking form or contact details.

Befriend a community from a rich tapestry of backgrounds

Be invited to our exclusive events and mingle!

If the above wasn't enough, you'll also be invited to exclusive Futur+ events where you can mingle, make friends and gain valuable contacts.


Sign up for your Futur+ membership


Do nothing (that's right)


Get invited to events all year round

Wine and dine (or just mingle) with our thriving community of Ministers from all four corners of our little island.

Spark a chat with a fellow Minister, and discover where your new friendships can take you.

Network with like-minded people who are aiming for the same goals as you, and help one another to truly become the best version of yourselves.

What is Futur+?

Futur+ is an exclusive membership programme offered by FuturFaith, available to individuals who have completed our "Path to Ministry" course.

For a monthly fee of €10, it provides several additional benefits and resources to support graduates in their ministerial work.

Here's a breakdown of what Futur+ offers:

Unlimited Access to Additional Courses & Content:

Members have the opportunity to continue their education with unlimited access to all additional courses and content provided by FuturFaith. This ongoing learning is crucial for personal and professional development.

Inclusion in the Register(s) of Solemnisers:

Members are eligible for a position on the Register of Solemnisers, subject to meeting the necessary criteria. This is an essential feature for those looking to legally solemnise marriages, as being on the register is a legal requirement in Ireland for anyone wishing to perform legally recognised wedding ceremonies.

Exclusive FuturFaith Events:

Members are invited to attend exclusive events hosted by FuturFaith, which can be great opportunities for networking, learning, and community building.

Personal Profile on the FuturFaith Website:

Members get their own profile on the FuturFaith website. This feature enhances their visibility and can be an effective tool for marketing their services and building their client base.

Community Membership:

Becoming part of the FuturFaith community allows members to connect with fellow ministers, share experiences, and gain support. This community aspect can be invaluable for personal growth and professional collaboration.

Futur+ is designed to enhance the professional journey of a FuturFaith Minister by providing continuous educational resources, opportunities for visibility and networking, and a supportive community.

It's an investment in ongoing development and professional enrichment for those dedicated to their role as ministers.

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