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We at FuturFaith are proud to recognise that the Inclusion Revolution has

In our continuously changing world, we welcome open-minded people who embrace diversity alongside the ordinary.

Traditional Ceremonies are still very popular, but with our increasing awareness of people with different abilities, ethnicity and racial backgrounds, and our growing international population, the demand for inclusion of different traditions and rituals is growing and bringing an exciting new dimension to our work.

Our main strategies are..

Offering a fresh, contemporary and innovative way of learning
Encouraging our trainees (and Ministers) to be the best version of themselves
Meeting in-person once annually and monthly via virtual meetings
Offering religious elements in our ceremonies, should somebody request it
Utilising technology to allow for fluid, efficient communication between Ministers and those they serve
Training Ministers to deliver both virtual and in-person ceremonies
Facilitating and representing people who feel marginalised or disrespected
Respecting equally, people of all faiths, no faith and/or mixed faith
Not tolerating discrimination on any level
Training our Ministers to bring to life the precious stories, memories and beliefs of those we serve.
Training and supporting our Ministers when faced with new and untravelled environments
Always striving to show the greatest respect for the environment
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