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Our Futurfaith voyage began in 2021. As the great void of the Pandemic spread wider and wider, and our freedom of movement and personal interactions grew narrower and narrower, our thoughts, at least, were given free rein to relax, take stock and take off.

Our great passion in life is ceremony and we have years of training between us, firstly with the wonderful Irish Institute of Celebrants in 2016, with the OneSpirit Interfaith Ministry in 2018, and various other training platforms along the way. However, the lack of opportunity and freedom imposed by some organisations, partnered with the restrictions imposed on us by the Pandemic, opened our eyes to the future – and Futurfaith was born.

As our name clearly indicates, we looked to the future and realised the importance and value of technology in connectivity. We set out to develop a structure that would allow accessible virtual training for future ministers, thus opening a world of opportunities for them. Over the past year, we have concentrated on getting all legal paperwork in order and engaging in-house IT staff to work on our website and training programmes. Like many organisations in the height of the Pandemic, we encountered many challenges, delays and breaks in communication because of ever changing Government directives.

However, with the reopening of our country, Ireland, we are forging ahead with our plans. FuturFaith’s focus is on innovative connectivity, allowing continuous growth, support and learning. Our vision is a future offering a direct fresh approach to ceremony and to Ministry, free from uncertainty. We will offer future ministers the opportunity to develop their own creativity while being inventive in our industry.

FuturFaith’s focus differs from other organisations, in that it offers immediate virtual connectivity. Our IT team are working hard, creating a strong online brand. Mastering social media platforms and embracing the latest software will work to your advantage. It will showcase your professionalism in the industry, both instantly and on-going. This will encourage instant, comprehensive and personal communication with those you serve and much, much more.

We look forward to a future made easy, by fresh, continuous communication with our students.

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