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Keith McCarthy

Minister & Administrator ✌🏻

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My background

As the youngest member of a Dundalk family of four, I didn't realise I was always in search of something. Growing up, I was always busy and content; I found (and still find) joy in life, and I've always had a love for vintage cars and travel, but my true passion lies in making the lives of others more fulfilling, even if that means just having a laugh.

Later on in life, when my wife discovered celebrancy, it changed my future path. I realised being a Celebrant would give me an additional dimension to life; the chance to help people enjoy and celebrate life, the same way I strive to. I finally found the stepping stone to guide me into the future - FuturFaith.

Becoming a reverend

My default setting is to look for, and enjoy, the colour and fun in life. However, the more exposed I became to Celebrancy and Ministry, the more I came to understand and appreciate my own life on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Now, as a FuturFaith Minister, I enjoy a whole new and exciting aspect to my life. I can at last focus on those who feel let down, unappreciated or belittled, and share my light with all who might need it. Being a Minister, to me, means acting as a conduit for those individuals who feel they have nowhere to turn, no religion to hold onto or community to call their own.

My hopes & goals

My biggest goal in life, from youth to present day, has always been to improve the lives of those around me. Whether it's through spreading happiness and laughter, or building a pillar of support for the people who need it most, my ambition is always to live my best possible life and make the most of what we all have - the chance to live a fulfilling life.

I hope to meet and strike a cord with many more individuals in my travels as a Minister, and to further shine this much-needed beacon of hope and light onto our world. I enjoy life, cherish making memories and friends, and I aspire to help others throughout this journey we call life.